Is a print process where dye is transferred to the garment using special inks combined with heat transfer. This can only be applied to polyester garments which are white. This is a very good process to use for photographs onto t-shirts where quality reproduction of the image is important.

This process can also be used with particular effect on unique photo gifts and personalised items such as mugs and personalised keepsakes.

Embroidery is sewing a design directly onto the fabric. This is achieved by using a multi-head embroidery machine which can embroider up to fifteen different colours (at no extra cost). Embroidery is not only visually neat, but will outlast most garments onto which it is applied. It is ideal for polo shirts, business shirts, jackets and baseball caps. Due to its nature it is the ideal tool to present your corporate image.

Initial Set up for embroidery designs/logos
The embroidery machine works from a computer disk, which would need to be set up at an initial cost. Most ‘digitising’ for standard designs is no more than £35.00. If the design is particularly elaborate or has a large number of stitches, it may cost slightly more – however this is a one off set up cost. Again if the design is very simple and only involves text the cost would be reduced significantly.
An accurate quotation can only be made on sight of your artwork, but in most instances a jpeg or letter head is adequate for the design and quotation. Once the disc is made, it is stored by ourselves and can be reused on any re-orders at no additional cost to you.

All prices on our website do not include the cost of embroidery due to the unique nature of personalised logo’s. Please call us for a specific quotation.

More than one design?
No problem, you can have as many designs on one garment as you would like. Please just remember that you will be charged for additional logos to your garment and set up per logo/size would need to take place.

Artwork Approval
In all instances of a new embroidery set up, you will be supplied with a pdf of your finished artwork for approval.

Screen Printing
Screen printing is ideal for large graphical designs and is especially suited to printing onto cotton. Screen printing is a high quality process and will not degrade when clothing is washed. It is ideal for high volume orders.

A ‘screen’ is produced from your artwork, the screen is then placed onto your garment, ink is applied to the screen and the screen allows the ink through where required before being carefully removed.

Screen printing is applied one colour at a time (up to four colours) and a new screen is required for each colour. As a result of this it would be uneconomic for multi-coloured designs and small print runs.
To ensure cost effectiveness for you, we would not recommend, printing less than twelve items in one print run – although if it is what you require, it can be done! The alternatives are embroidery or heat transfers/vinyl printing. (Please see below).

A minimum print run, of 30 is required for a two colour + print run.

Set up fees for screen printing.
£25 per screen/per colour (screens are held for a maximum of 6 months)

Vinyl/heat press printing
This is perfect for small t’shirt/garment orders. Generally there is no set up costs for a standard text or for a logo supplied in eps/vector format.  A set up fee to a maximum of £20.00 + VAT may be applicable if you require us to re-produce your artwork for you.  Other artwork charges are available upon application. The artwork is ‘cut out’ from vinyl strips and heat pressed onto the clothing. Price will depend on a number of factors, however for a standard name and single number to be printed to the back of a football shirt it would cost around £3.50 + VAT.